The Facebook page Worldstar Hip Hop shared some guy's covertly​ filmed Snapchat video of a random woman using a Smith machine at the gym—if your immediate response is revulsion because filming strangers at the gym is creepy, then you are not alone. If your second response is confusion about what a Smith machine is, it's best that you're left in the dark. Barbells are better. Anyway, back to this random man's gym-shaming video.

What Muscle Group Is She Working On?

Posted by Worldstar Hip Hop on Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Aside from the gross and expected comments regarding the woman's exercise, a lovely number of people called out this creeper for filming the woman who is working out, which is more than can be said for the man at that moment in time.

Better question, what are YOU doing?

If I go to the gym, I go to work out FOR ME -- not to pay attention to what someone else is doing.

During my grind, I focus my attention on me, not some random.

I'll look to see if a spot is open, if a machine freed up, but that's about the only time I look to see what someone else is doing.
I can go get my inspiration elsewhere.

Versus paying attention to what someone else is doing and being negatively judgemental, you could either be giving that person a tip orrrrr continue on YOUR workout.

Internet fun and jokes are cool and all, but these "look at the person here at the gym" stuff is weak, man.


Here's a flawlessly executed Jefferson squat, for the record.


OK, now you go try to do that exercise.

Sources: h/t BroBible