The Slow Mo Guys are back and in fine form with this painstaking video of an impressive backyard explosion.

You may remember Gavin and Dan, the Slow Mo Guys, from their extremely popular human water balloon popping video. That video was a smash hit last month, captivating the Internet's love for guys in bathing suits with surprised expressions very slowly growing on their faces. For their follow-up, the guys knew they had to tap into another Internet favorite: explosions.

They spent three hours beheading matches so they could collect 6,000 match heads in a blender. They dropped in a lit match, and just when they thought it hadn't worked, WHOOOSH! The whole thing went up in smoke. It looked pretty cool on a regular camera, but filmed at 2,500 frames per second on their $150,000 high-speed camera, it was transformed into an inferno the likes of which you've never imagined.

Sources: The Slow Mo Guys