A motorist in Brisbane, Australia is lucky to be alive after a mattress flew off the top of a truck and hit his motorcycle as he was going 80mph into a tunnel.

Check out the terrifying video below.

Talk about a soft place to land!

According to Motor Bike Rider, motorist Aaron Wood came in contact with the rogue mattress as he was speeding down the highway, only for it to get trapped under the wheel of his bike and bring him to a gradual stop. The impact ripped the rubber grips off the handlebars of his bike, but besides a few cuts on his hands, Wood was able to walk away from the accident completely unscathed.


Police are looking for the driver of the Toyota Prado with the unsecured cargo, but are having trouble reading the license plate in the video.

Jesus take the wheel, and also grab some bungee cords because that load was not secure.