According to Teen Vogue, piercing is the new popping. The latest body horror genre people are seeking out for their cathartic kicks is piercing videos—all the fun of poking at the skin, but with none of the goo.

If pimple popping videos are cookies—satisfying in a gooey, melt-y way—than piercing videos are potato chips: a gratifying crunch.

(DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME, KIDS! These videos are done by professionals.)

Highlights include:

All sorts of ear piercings (damn!)


Conch piercing on this tough cookie 💉

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Nose piercings (ack!)

@jessmcleodx doing a nice and simple nose piercing! All our piercings are £15 :) #piercing #nosepiercing #bodypiercing #piercingsofinstagram #piercingvideo

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Tongue piercings (eek!)

@_bloodyhands_ 🖤 #tonguepiercing #tongue #piercing #💉 #piercingvideo

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Other mouth piercings (woah!)

Refinery29 has a fancy feature if you're into backstory.

Macro Beauty: Ear Piercing

You won't be able to stop watching slow motion piercings ( not for the faint of heart). 😮 Everthing you need to know about these 12 piercings:

Posted by Refinery29 Beauty on Wednesday, June 28, 2017

If these piercing videos stressed you out, here's a soothing pimple popping video to help you feel at peace.

Sources: h/t Hello Giggles