This squirrel leaps off a high rise building in Toronto, Canada, and totally lives and walks away. What a badass. We know squirrels for many things on the Internet. Sometimes they enjoy milkshakes, some have their very own Instagram account, and some get dressed up in costumes by a college student because the future of higher education in America is doomed. These are all fun to watch, but this video is both fun and suspenseful.

The squirrel obviously gets a bit panicked when it climbs up a building and realizes it will be very difficult to climb down. Plus, as we all know with residential buildings in big cities, every window and balcony looks exactly the same. Basically, the squirrel was subjected to a maddening maze; every time it climbed higher, it was presented with more of same visual options, but never an exit. It finally decides to keep climbing, but stopped just short of the roof. Here it either lost its grip, engaged in an evolutionary reflex by assuming there were trees below, or gave up all hope when confronted with the grim reality of cookie-cutter urban living.

Sources: YouTube