Daredevil Robbie "Maddo" Maddison has finally answered the question "What's more annoying than a jet ski?"

I'm genuinely impressed by this man's skills, and his determination to ride a dirt bike on water. It looks very rad, I'll admit. But can you picture yourself hanging on the beach in Tahiti, relaxing in one of the most beautiful places on earth, listening to the waves crash, the breeze blow and the birds chirp... when suddenly, some ding-dong on an aqua-bike comes zooming through the trees, kicking up sand?

Then he bypasses you and gets right in the water, blowing past a girl chilling on her board. He sidles right up to some dudes in a slow-ass kayak, as though to say, "You call paddling a boat extreme? F*ck your boat to hell!" Finally, he drives his motorized vehicle directly into a group of surfers who are then dangerously exposed to its heat and mechanized wheels.

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