Replace crack cocaine with pie, and you've got George Dalton's cover of 'Trap Queen."

Child actor George Dalton made a jazzy cover of "Trap Queen," a song by rapper Fetty Wap about his ideal girlfriend (who also helps him make drugs). Because pie is like crack for kids, all of the explicit drug references have been replaced with pie references, and a few of the other risqué references have also been modified. Here are a few:

  • "Strip club" is now "strip mall"
  • "See your pretty ass" has been changed to "you look pretty awesome"
  • For the "man I swear I love how she work the damn pole" line, "damn pole" has been switched to "damn stove"
  • "Get high" has been changed to "feel high" (?)
  • "Hit the bando" has been switched to "hit the condo"
Sources: MTV