There are billions of videos on the Internet, literally hundreds of which aren't porn. But web users are masters at finding unintended sexual undertones in even the most innocent piece of content. The following videos were never meant by their uploaders to be erotic, but that's how they will always be remembered.

1. This technical video explaining industrial turnarounds.

This video is from 2012, and the content is extremely boring. It's basically an advertisement for EPCM-psi, a firm that assists industrial plant owners in scheduling their maintenance operations more efficiently. But it was discovered by pervy redditors in early 2016 and quickly went viral, amassing more than 1,400,000 views in just a few weeks. The reason? There are boobs in it.


2. This promotional video for a pneumatic "man saver" post driver.

This video is also an ad, this time for a piece of farm equipment. At least in this case, it's the product itself that sent people's minds to the gutter. And you can hardly blame them. Watching that rugged cowboy use his powerful tool to relentlessly drive a post into the soft, fertile earth… it's enough to make any ranch hand blush.


3. This video of carnivorous plants in Thailand.

This poor guy was just trying to educate the world about Thailand's unique carnivorous plants. He never expected to find one that looked uncannily like a fully erect human penis. To his credit, he rolled with it. That's how you know he's a true citizen of the world.


4. This traffic report that turned into an impromptu sex ed class.

ABC12 reporter Siobhan Riley was drawing a very helpful map for Saginaw, MI drivers about construction-related delays. Unfortunately, she didn't pay close enough attention to the shape she was drawing on the screen. As you can tell from the YouTube uploader's giggles, it ended up looking a lot like a dong.

5. The Shake Weight infomercial.


This commercial, of course, is a viral classic. People were so baffled by this extremely suggestive piece of exercise equipment (targeted at women, no less), that it blew up on both the Internet and TV. Saturday Night Live even parodied it. Ironically, the popularity of the Shake Weight as a gag gift led to massive sales for the product, which is actually a pretty dumb gadget. I mean, you can shake a regular weight if you want to.

6. This Rainbow Sponge lady who had too much fun with the wiggles.


There's nothing specifically sexual about the Rainbow Sponge itself (except that it sounds like a retro birth control product). But this pitchwoman's enthusiasm is so over-the-top, it almost sounds like she's having an orgasm every time she draws a "wiggle." Actually, forget almost. It sounds exactly like she's having an orgasm. A good one.

7. The But Satisfier.


Zack Justice is either an extremely talented deadpan comedian, or he legitimately didn't think twice about saying, "Come on in, and we'll satisfy all your buts." One thing is for sure: his commercial makes for a deeply satisfying viral video. It's no surprise, considering he's South Carolina's "#1 but satisfier."

8. This commercial for the unfortunately-named "oozenator."

What could go wrong when you're advertising a water gun full of unidentified goo targeted at preteen boys? It's not like anyone would be stupid enough to show them getting splattered in the face and chest over and over again. If nobody was sued over this commercial, then our justice system failed.